Fire Suppression Systems in Chardon, OH

Fire suppression systems are a critical component of any commercial facilities. But simply having them is not enough: they need to be installed, maintained and serviced to the fullest, so they function at a life-saving level in the event of a fire. Fire Protection Solutions LLC is here to assist you in making sure your efforts for fire safety in Chardon, OH are realized to the fullest.

Installation, Service and Maintenance

In addition to the services outlined below, we also provide testing and certifications that are imperative to fire suppression systems and their functionality, including:

  • Standpipe Testing
  • Fire Extinguisher Certifications
  • Backflow Preventor Testing
Fire sprinkler installation

Expertise you can rely on

We offer our tenured expertise when it comes to all facets of fire protection in Chardon, OH. This means installing, servicing and maintaining your fire suppression systems to the fullest:

  • Fire sprinkler installation, service, and maintenance: Sprinkler systems are your first line of defense against a spreading fire, and they need to be ready to trigger as soon as a blaze is detected. We have experience in properly installing and servicing whole-building sprinkler systems. In addition, we offer maintenance for all of the critical components that facilitate their function.
  • Fire extinguisher installation, service, and maintenance: The difference between a manageable fire and a blaze that’s out of control can come down to a simple fire extinguisher. Knowing you can pull your extinguisher off the wall and smother a small fire means having peace of mind in the safety of your facilities. We coordinate placement of extinguishers in your facility and test them regularly to ensure they work perfectly.
  • Fire hydrant flushing and flow testing: Hydrants need to be flushed to remove sediment and debris, and tested to ensure water flow is unimpeded. We perform these valuable services to ensure hydrants are ready in the event of a fire situation.
  • Fire pump installation and maintenance: Fire pumps are a crucial component to your fire sprinkler system as they control the specific amount of water pressure that is needed for your custom fire prevention system. It is important to have a knowledgable technician to install, maintain and service your fire pump.

For more information about our service capabilities or to schedule an appointment for us to inspect and service your facilities and suppression systems, please call 440-346-0500 today.

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